Contact - The Revolution Trilogy, by Rick AtkinsonThe Revolution Trilogy, by Rick Atkinson

If you enjoyed The British Are Coming and are wondering when volumes 2 and 3 of The Revolution Trilogy will be published, here’s a note from the author:

Thanks for the many queries about when the next books in my new trilogy will appear. I’m hard at it, but frankly it’s too soon to offer a publication schedule. I do most of my own research, so the work takes time. I spent 15 years writing the three volumes on World War II in the Liberation Trilogy, and that gives some sense of the effort involved.

I’m grateful to those eager to read more!

Best regards, Rick



Due to my busy schedule, I cannot respond to all messages, but I do read each one. Thank you for your interest in the Revolution Trilogy.


Catryn Silbersack
Henry Holt and Company

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